Thursday, October 18, 2012

Important Update Regarding Blog and Forum

Hello Guys,
I will be doing an extensive maintenance on the blog and the forum in the coming few days. Some huge changes are overdue. During this period, you might face downtime and disorderliness in the viewing of this site. Keep patience, I will be coming back soon with new energy and new colors. Take Care...

Monday, October 15, 2012

B1 Free Archive for Android: Supports .b1, .zip, .rar & .7z Archives

Android is a growing platform on smartphones and archive files are popular for a long time to distribute multiple files at once. So, compatibility between the two is a must. Android does not comes with any built-in archiver software and so you have to rely on third party solutions. It's really hard to find nice, powerful, yet free archive manager for Android. B1 Free Archive for Android is a latest entry to the list of free archiver softwares for android and already has gained enough popularity. Currently it supports opening and extraction from .b1, .zip, .rar & .7z archive types. It can create .b1, .zip archives

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Free: Review

Like living systems Windows performance decreases day by day. The main reason behind this is the growing number of junk files and registry entries, defragmentation in file system and Windows registry and also increasing number of startup, services etc. Moreover the default Windows settings are often not optimal for all cases. So, tweaking and maintenance is needed to regain Windows speed and performance. All these must require experts but most of the time its a costly choice. System Maintenance software automates the job of technicians and serves for the betterment of Windows PC at a low or no cost. I have reviewed System mechanic Free and Pro version recently. So you should be completely aware of the areas System maintenance suites should target. Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Free is another system maintenance suite that also comes in both Free and Paid versions. Like System Mechanic Tune-Up definitions, Cloud System Booster relies on Cloud assistance and currently able to fix 1070 types of PC Problems. According to the developer
Cloud System Booster is a new innovative system maintenance & optimization tool based on cloud database. The cloud technology is user-sourced, which means that it evaluates programs based on thousands of ratings, some by tech professionals and others by users who’ve used the applications and want to tell others about them. It’s a strong all-in-one PC repair and system maintenance program with Four powerful functions: Cleaner, Optimizer, Repair & Application Cleaner and Optimizer... The software can be used by both novice and expert computer users with same satisfaction.

PC HelpSoft Smart System Informer: Shows Detailed System Specs

Performance of a Windows PC depends on various parameters: its hardware specifications, running processes, startup items, installed software etc. So, to troubleshoot any issue, you need to know such details. PC HelpSoft Smart System Informer is a tiny freeware that provides all such information. According to the webpage,
Smart System Informer is a free tool that compiles all the information you need on installed hardware and software. Specific information includes computer ID, processor, BIOS, memory, disks, video, motherboard, monitor, etc. This information shown as number and graphical views - you can easily evaluate your computer's performance, and save the received data as a text file.

Next Generation Firewalls for Dummies: Free PDF eBook from Palo Alto Networks

For Dummies books are famous for presenting different topics in a easier fashion. Whether that means directions on how to hook up a home network, carve a turkey, knit your first scarf, or load your new iPod, you can trust to tell it like it is, without all the technical jargon.
Enterprise suffers from new risks everyday from its applications. Hacker attempt is the main source of nightmare all the time. Traditional firewalls serves as a boundary between the Internet and an organization’s private network and protects based on controlling specific protocols and ports, and restricting traffic to and from specific IP addresses. These firewalls ignores ports 80 & 443 which are used for http and https respectively. Hence, modern day attacks are mostly web based and targets those ports. Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFW for short) go beyond the conventional firewall functions by adding security capabilities such as intrusion prevention. The concept of NGFW was brought about by Palo Alto Networks who introduced the first of these type of devices.
Palo Alto Networks recently have taken an initiative to literate common peoples and enterprise personnel with the new type of web based threats and the indispensability of the NGFW and are distributing a free eBook Next-Gen Firewalls for Dummies. written by Lawrence. C. Miller.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

SSuite Office - System Monitor: Shows RAM, CPU, Pagefile Usage, Current IP Address

While testing SSuite Office - Backup Master earlier this day, I found out another tiny piece of software from them. Its SSuite Office - System Monitor; A real time desktop system monitor, that monitors system ram, cpu usage, page file load - {swap file}, and the system power in real time. It also shows internet connection status and displays the current I.P. address. This tiny application is a freeware and is portable. Must be an attractive choice for users of laptops, notebooks and netbooks. I quite like this simple application. If the points mentioned later in the Cons are considered it would be more appealing.
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