Monday, April 9, 2012

Edit Images in Batch with Photopus: Review and Giveaway

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As I do like playing around digital pictures, you will find a number of reviews in my blog related to photo editing and management. Today I will write on a Photopus from Softdiv Software, which can easily and efficiently Resize, Rename, Convert and Apply Filter to Images in Batch.
  • Photopus comes in two versions. Standard and Pro. I will review only Photopus i.e. Photopus Standard. Comparisons between two versions are the following.

  • Small installer [7406 Kb], digitally signed by Softdiv Software Sdn Bhd.
  • Installation is fast and clean.
  • User Interface is easy to follow.
  • It can do all the editing in batch mode.
Renaming Image
Resizing Image
  • It can Maintain Image Meta Information.
  • Photopus can Convert Images from One Format to Other.
  • Photopus supports a number of filters.
  • It can Adjust Color of Images. Following are options provided.

  • It can Transform Images. Following are ways you can do that.
  • It can Apply Effects to Images. Following effects are supported.
  •  I have prepared a Video Demo to show the ease of photo editing with Photopus.
  • It has a well documented help file.
  • System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008 with 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB Ram, 100 MB Hard disk space.
Photopus is not a freeware. The standard version comes at the cost of $29.95. A trial version is available that allows you to use the software 8 times. 8 times means if you just open and close the software 8 times your trial will end. Other than the usage limitation it also adds watermark to the output image and finally will show a "Buy Now" nag screen at the program close.

My Verdict
  • I liked the software for its ease of use and number of filters.
  • They should provide some video tutorials in their webpage.
  • I would like to see a portable version of the software.
  • The software should make support for multiple languages.
  • It has an Update check option, which leads to the product homepage. It should just tell whether the version is updated or not.
  • The trial version usage limitation should be mentioned as precise. It tells about 8 times limitation but while the software is open you can use it as many times. It only consumes one usage when the interface is closed. That is misleading.
  • The price of the software is a bit high since there are similar free tools that can have many but not all such features. In my opinion a price of $20 would be perfect for the Standard version.
  • I found a problem while adjusting Hue/saturation. Any adjustment made the picture black. It just didn't work for me.
Rick Ng of Softdiv Software have agreed to conduct a 3 days unlimited giveaway of Photopus i.e. Photopus Standard for our blog readers.
  • With the licensed version you can get Unlimited Free Upgrades a year and Free Support.
To ask for license:
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The giveaway will run until 12th April, 23:59 GMT. Everyone following the rule will get a license.

Giveaway Ended !!

Good Night!!
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