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MCShield 2: Shields PC from USB infections

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USB Drives, External Hard Drives, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones are one of the popular most infection vendor now-a-days. Infections may be through Autorun Exploit, Script Exploit, Link Exploit, Payloads etc. Seeing the present situations a number of software have emerged that claims to give protection from USB drives but most of these softwares are pretty limited in their applications.
MCShield is an advanced software in its category. Version 2 stable have been released yesterday with new features and better stability.
Courtesy: MCShield
  • Its multilingual. Supports 4 languages at present.
  • Small installer (2243Kb)
  • Installation is clean and fast. Creating desktop shortcut is unchecked during installation.
  • It is light on resources.
  •  It is set to auto-start with windows and automatically detects and scans newly connected device.
  • It uses MCS Cloud which does the following things:
  1. registers the installation if it is not registered already;
  2. sends the number of new items that have been treated on your computer;
  3. receives the number of installations and treated items (global data, send by other users);
  4. sends a file containing hashes of files the program considered suspicious during the previous scans.

  • Protection consists of assistance from heuristics and local database (which consists of known malware file/folder names, MD5 hashes, and hashes of legitimate files).
  • Signature scan means "hash based scan" and is always done for the files in the root folder and, with default settings, if malware is found (during root scan and heuristics scan), then all files are scanned.
  • It has quarantine feature for detected threats.
  • It also has white-listing feature.
  • It has auto update feature. By default updates every 2 hour.
  • It protects against link and script exploits. Actually, the program supports detection for worms using all known attack vectors (autorun, Desktop.ini/comment.htt/ActiveX, CVE-2010-2568, different types of replicators, legit file/folder fakers, double extension files, etc.). In fact if an infection tries to spread through USB it has to use some kind of loading point/trick that triggers a behavioral warning for MCShield.
  • It also detects autorun, link etc exploits originating from Local drives.
  • Upon inserting an USB drive it scans and if no threat was found, it pops up from tray with a notification.
  • If it detects an infection in the inserted drive, it pops up from tray with a notification and also show an alert window to show the detection log.
  • Upon detection of possible threat it automatically renames those files with a .vir extension.
  • Be informed that MCShield detects malware mainly through heuristics. So, it will also detect any benign files that try to autorun from any local/removable drives like registration screen, installation screen etc.
  • A unique feature of MCShield is that it can also detect and delete malware trace folders: like Recycler, Nadfolder, its subfolders etc. if it detects the presence of such folders it shoots an in-depth signature scan and removes the folders.
  • They have an offline help file which is yet to be completed but available from here.
  • You need not to be an expert to use the program. It's automatic protection feature is perfect for even noobs.
  • Misc Screenshots...
Changes from v1
- entire program rewritten from scratch;
- additional heuristics for improved detection;
- v2 uses only one resident application (previously: two; which means that it uses even less system resources than it used to);
- redesigned user interface;
- progress bar replaced with tray icon animation;
- window notifications replaced with tray notifications;
- CPanel, QManager and White list tool replaced with Control Center;
- improved update routines;
- improved installation routines;
- new features and improvements of the old ones;
- improved support for multiuser environments;
- all known v1.x issues have been fixed.

Download the software from here
Direct download link
File size:2296768 bytes
File version:
MD5     :1330213C97CFAA8BF4B98D9CD678A87C
SHA1    :6B41C1E13DAD3ECCDF5128E36FD7610092447B8A
CRC32   :6670DDB3

The authors of MCShield is responsive for all kind of feedbacks and suggestions. Fell free to contact them at[at]

Have a nice day!!
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